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One Piece and Dragonball
Welcome to the fanclub created for Cross Epoch.

For those who are curious, Cross Epoch was a short manga collaboration created for the 10th Annivesary of One Piece. It was done by Akiria Toriyama and Eiichiro Oda, featuring characters from Dragonball and One Piece.

A link for reading it can be found here -->…

And so, this club was created for the fans of this short but quite wonderful piece of work.

Now, as with every club, there is the small matter of the:


:bulletblue: The first is simple, being a fan of Dragonball and One Piece will help you get along with this club rather well. If you happen to like one more than the other, that's fine.

:bulletblue: All pairings artwork are welcome here. Het, shounen-ai/yaoi and shoujo-ai/yuri, bisexual pairings, etc are all just as welcome as each other. Therefore I ask members to please keep an open mind to things.

:bulletblue: Please keep submissions within dA standards. I would rather that this club didn't get banned.

:bulletblue: A link shall be included in all submissions leading back to the original. Please comment/fav on this, not what is submitted. I also ask that members remember their manners when commenting on art.

Joining and Affiliating</u>

Joining is simple, simply send a note to the club and you will be added asap. The process of affiliating is equally as simple, just note the club with your request.

However, I must make it clear that this club will not affiliate with anti clubs.


Submissions sent to the club can be either:

:bulletblue: Fanworks of Cross Epoch itself (eg - Nico Robin in her dragon dress)


:bulletblue: Containing characters from both One Piece and Dragonball (eg - Goku and Luffy). Images such as SirCrocodile's Zoro with Trunks' clothes are also accepted.

As has been stated above, concerning pairings all types are welcome. Het, gay, lesbian, bisexual, threesome ... it's all good here :D


:iconsircrocodile: :iconvicky-v: :iconcoumarin-san: :iconkathryn-wood: :iconssjprincess05: :iconvegetadaimoh: :iconlittlehikari: :iconxxchichixx: :iconfangmeixun: :iconweezajin: :iconsasuke-18: :iconayuuri: :iconveggiegirl15: :iconlotus-dragon: :iconjibril-cosplay: :icondchan316:


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Listed At:

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Other things will come once this club flaps it's wings a little more to get off the ground.

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There's now a CrossEpoch between One Piece and Toriko! :iconlegaspplz:
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I'm hosting a One Piece Oekaki BBS for anyone who wants to draw! [link]
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If you're still interested, welcome to the club and I'm very sorry for the late response.
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